South African lotteries: review 2020.04.27-05.03

Hello folks!
First of all - we do really hope all is fine on your side. Just a reminder: most lotteries don’t even require leaving your own home and therefore remote gambling is possible. We will update you weekly -so let’s check the results in South Africa from 27 April to 3 May.


2 draws took place last week (Wednesday, 29 April and Saturday, 2 May). Similarly as the week before, there were no jackpot wins. However, 1 player received the 2nd best prize which was worth R38,506.0 on Wednesday’s draw - congratulations on this! The chances to win any prizes in this lottery (i.e. at least R20) begin at 1 in 72 - so it’s surely worth considering gambling there.


Powerball was on air twice last week: Tuesday (28 April) and Friday (1 May). After a few weeks without any jackpot winner, Powerball results on Tuesday were particularly lucky for 1 player who landed the main prize of R135,366,753 for scoring 5 correct numbers + POWERBALL - congratulations! The chance of winning the jackpot in Powerball was 1 in 24,435,180 - so this achievement is really impressive.

Powerball Plus

Similarly as Powerball, Powerball Plus draws were live on Tuesday (28 April) and Friday (2 May). Differently than in the original Powerball, no one won the jackpot (5 numbers + POWERBALL). However, there were 3 players who got the 2nd best prize (5 numbers) - congratulations! This one was worth either R134,684.1 or R54,641.2. Also, the probability to win the 2nd best prize remains exactly the same as in Powerball - 1 in 1,286,062.

Lotto Plus 1

This game was live on Wednesday (29 April) and Saturday (2 May). Similarly as last week, no one won the jackpot. Lotto Plus 1 results for the 2nd best prize were slightly better - 1 player landed R73,785.2.

Lotto Plus 2

This game was ongoing on the same days as the draws of Lotto Plus 1. The results of Lotto Plus 2 were quite similar to its counterpart lottery last week: although no one landed the jackpot (6 lucky numbers) across both draws either, there was a lucky player on the Saturday’s draw who won the 2nd best prize (also known as 5 numbers + BONUS). This time, such a prize was worth R76,429 and the chance to land it was 1 in 3393087. Given that the odds start at 1 in 72 in Lotto Plus 2, this game is surely worth your attention - maybe it’s a good occasion to land a solid prize?

We would like to cheer all players and winners once again. It’s a great pleasure to be a part of this lottery world - best of luck and see you all next week!

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