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Draw No. 1952 2024/07/17
Draw winning numbers :
30 2 23 35 19
There were more than 124,597 prize winners in this draw!
Combination Prize Winners Odds
5 numbers R 524 630 1 1 in 376,992.00
4 numbers R 362 334 1 in 2,432.00
3 numbers R 22 11,269 1 in 81
2 numbers R 5 112,993 1 in 8.4
Next Estimated Daily lotto Jackpot R 500 000 More details

Latest Daily Lotto results

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Draw No. 1951 2024/07/16
Draw winning numbers :
7 1 18 35 11
Average prize / winner: R 11
Draw No. 1950 2024/07/15
Draw winning numbers :
22 1 29 4 32
Average prize / winner: R 12
Draw No. 1949 2024/07/14
Draw winning numbers :
34 16 32 10 25
Average prize / winner: R 12
Draw No. 1948 2024/07/13
Draw winning numbers :
6 7 30 14 17
Average prize / winner: R 11

Historical results

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Daily lotto is a popular lottery game among South Africa. It is still quite a new game, it was introduced to players on 10 March 2019. Daily lotto has its name because of good reason - it is the only lotto played every day, except Christmas day. The main goal is to choose the correct five numbers from the pool of 36. In this game you can win huge prizes worth thousands of rand.

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The Daily Lotto draw takes a place every evening at 21:00.

Daily Lotto results are published everyday at about 22:00

You can check the results of the Daily lotto on our website straight after the game takes place. Results are updated everyday just a few minutes after 9 pm, after the draw.