Daily lotto

Daily Lotto is the only lottery game of South Africa that is played every day. The jackpot of this type of lottery game is assuredly given away in every draw. Daily Lotto can be played online as well as in stores. The cost for the entries to this game is R3 each.

Daily Lotto winners receive prizes worth hundreds to thousands of Rand in every game. The only requirement is to hit the jackpot by matching all five of your chosen numbers from 1-36. The numbers can be chosen either manually or by the option of a quick pick. Quick pick selects any random numbers for you. Even if you are not able to match all 5 of the numbers, you can still succeed by matching two or more numbers. The lottery winning amount is collected by using 50% of the money which is spent on tickets for each game

Daily Lotto is still new on the South-African Lottery Market. The first draw was taken out on Sunday 10th March 2019. In the first draw, there were no Match 5 winners but 57 lucky players who matched 4 numbers managed to win R2,006.

Daily lotto results

Find the latest Daily Lotto jackpot results here straight after every draw. You can view the number of winners and the prize amounts. Lotto is held everyday at 21pm local time.

How to play

Daily Lotto is played by choosing five numbers from one to thirty-six. The numbers need to be matched against the numbered balls which are drawn without replacement. There are four prize divisions, the highest one corresponding to five matches which secures the jackpot prize and the lowest division being reserved for two matches. If nobody matches five numbers, the jackpot prize rolls down to the players who match four numbers and so on, hence there is a guaranteed jackpot prize for every draw of Daily Lotto.

The price of a Daily Lotto ticket is R3. The draw takes place every day at 9 PM.

Daily lotto divisions

Level Match Odds Prize Pool (%) Prize Payout (%)
One 6 numbers 1 in 376,992 35.6% 17.8%
Two 5 numbers + Supplementary 1 in 2,432 16.4% 8.2%
Three 5 numbers 1 in 81 16.4% 8.2%
Four 4 numbers + Supplementary 1 in 8.4 39.8% 19.9%

Daily lotto FAQ

A few frequently asked questions to help you know more about Daily Lotto:
Per betslip, you can place a maximum bet of R150. However, multiple betslips can be played in a single draw.
No. Daily Lotto is not played on Christmas, i.e. on 25th December every year. On every other night at 9 PM, the draw for Daily Lotto is done.
For winning in Division 1 (matching 5 numbers), the odds are 1 in 376,992.
A rollover takes place if there is no winner. For a specific division, if there is no winner, the prize money is rolled down to the division immediately below that of the current division. If nobody wins in the lowest division (i.e. division four), the prize money is rolled over to the next draw.
Daily Lotto began on 10th March 2019 as an initiative taken by ITHUBA to create more chances of winning prizes for the players with guaranteed wins in every draw. In the first draw, the prize money of R114, 353 was shared by 57 players, each taking home a prize amount of R2,006.

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