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Latest Powerball results

Here are the latest Powerball results for today's draw. Check the winning numbers to see if you finally hit that jackpot and look for a prizes payouts.

Draw No. 1528 2024/07/16
Main numbers :
48 10 22 49 2
Supps :
There were more than 180,199 prize winners in this draw!
Combination Prize Winners Odds
5 numbers + POWERBALL (jackpot) R 0 0 1 in 24,435,180
5 numbers R 268 520 1 1 in 1,286,062
4 numbers + POWERBALL R 8 850 19 1 in 75401.93
4 numbers R 1 168 244 1 in 6,430
3 numbers + POWERBALL R 474 680 1 in 3,132
3 numbers R 23 11,830 1 in 164
2 numbers + POWERBALL R 19 10,442 1 in 247
1 number + POWERBALL R 15 58,018 1 in 53
POWERBALL number R 10 98,965 1 in 37
Next Estimated Powerball Jackpot R 7 000 000 More details

Powerball previous results

Find the Powerball previous results and prize payouts for the last five draws. If you want to see even older results, press the “View past results” button.

Draw No. 1527 2024/07/12
Main numbers :
44 5 37 10 26
Supps :
Average win: R 266
Draw No. 1526 2024/07/09
Main numbers :
7 45 19 2 31
Supps :
Average win: R 21
Draw No. 1525 2024/07/05
Main numbers :
49 19 22 18 38
Supps :
Average win: R 20
Draw No. 1524 2024/07/02
Main numbers :
32 42 15 20 6
Supps :
Average win: R 20

Historical results

Here you can find all about the past 6 months Powerball results. Find more about the course of the game, what was worth the biggest jackpot, how many winners shared it, what were the luckiest numbers and many more.

Historical numbers

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Break the Powerball game code and see how to significantly improve your chances to win. Our free Powerball winning numbers statistics tools can help you to win more often and bigger prizes. Choose your favourite or combine all together to get the best result.

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You can find out lots of information about lottery balls like what is the winning ratio of each ball, how many jackpots a particular ball had, what is the prize in each ball, etc.

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Use our tool to find out if your number combination comes together often.

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Check which lottery number is most likely to come up based on historical data.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Powerball draws take place every Tuesday and Friday evening at 21:00.

The results appear on our website shortly after each draw takes place on Tuesday and Friday nights at 21:00. Usually, you can find the latest Powerball results around 21:10.

You can check Powerball results and winning numbers on our website. Results are updated within minutes after each draw takes place, and you are looking for previous results, we have past six months results too.