SA lotto weekly review 2020.05.18-24

Hello everyone!
We really hope that your week went well. There is no doubt that the lotteries in South Africa were incredibly interesting last week. You still have some time to join us if you haven’t done so - most lotteries are available remotely, so there’s no need to leave home at all to have some excitement. However, it’s time to check the results in South Africa from 18 to 24 May for now.


There were 2 draws of Lotto last week (Wednesday, 20 May and Saturday, 23 May). Despite the success with jackpots a week before, the last week looked more modest in terms of results. Even though neither the jackpot nor the 2nd best prize was acquired across both Lotto games, there was no need to worry - we were delighted with solid results for the 3rd best prize (5 numbers). Overall, 43 players won either R3,564.6 or R4,939.8 with a chance of 1 in 75,402 - so we are safe to assume it was an impressive achievement!


Powerball was on air twice last week as well. These draws were available to get in on Tuesday (19 May) and Friday (22 May). As the week before, the jackpot prize remained untouched, yet Powerball results were great overall. For example, 3 players won the 2nd best prize on Wednesday, getting R65,124.6 each. With the chance for this particular prize of 1 in 1,286,062, it’s really good - congratulations!

Powerball Plus

The advanced version of Powerball lottery (which basically provides all players with the 2nd chance to gamble) was also live on the same days as its counterpart last week. We are sorry to announce that the jackpot was not won once again - but this was not the case for the 2nd best prize. 1 player got in on the Friday’s draw, thus achieving the best of Powerball Plus results last week. That prize was worth R107,726.7 and its winning chance was exactly the same as in Powerball - 1 in 1,286,062.

Lotto Plus 1

Lotto Plus 1 was live twice last week - the draws took place on Wednesday (20 May) and Saturday (23 May). Lotto Plus 1 results were similar as the week before, because the 3rd best prize was the largest achievement. 27 players won either R3,977.1 or R4,607.8.

Lotto Plus 2

Lotto Plus 2 was live on Wednesday and Saturday as well. Coincidentally, the results of Lotto Plus 2 were similar to the week before once again - differently from Lotto Plus 1, the jackpot was given away. This time, 1 player got R1,081,035.7 on Saturday. Congratulations and well done!
We’re excited that lotteries in South Africa are still attracting many people. Expecting to see even more of you next time - but for now, have a great and productive week!

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