SA lotto weekly review 2020.05.11-17

Hello folks!
We are ready to go for another week with some interesting results! Also, hope you’re doing well and feeling as excited as us! Just a weekly reminder - most lotteries are available remotely, so you don’t even need to leave home during this still-uncertain period. For now, let’s check the results in South Africa from 11 to 17 May.


We witnessed 2 draws there last week (Wednesday, 13 May and Saturday, 16 May). Nothing could be better than seeing Lotto results getting rid of that sad trend of no jackpots, seen during the past few weeks - the draw on Saturday was really lucky. 1 player had their combination of 6 numbers correct and thus landed the main prize worth R16,826,525! This is really impressive - congratulations. As the chance of getting any prize on Lotto starts at 1 in 72, we would like to encourage you to join (if you haven’t done this already!) - gambling and winning have never been that easy.


We had Powerball and Powerball results live twice last week too. The draws took place on Tuesday (12 May) and Friday (15 May). Similarly as the week before these draws, no one won the jackpot; however, we would like to send our best wishes to 2 players, who won the 2nd best prize on Friday - R108,884.7 each. The odds of getting this one was 1 in 1,286,062. Also, Powerball is one of the easiest lotteries to win - the chance for the lowest prize is 1 in 37!

Powerball Plus

The advanced version of Powerball Lotteries (providing the 2nd chance to gamble) was also live twice on the same days last week. Unfortunately, the jackpot was not won either, but other results of Powerball Plus were really good - 4 players got the 2nd best price (2 on Tuesday and 2 on Friday). It was worth either R48,160.9 or R49,969.0.

Lotto Plus 1

Last week’s Lotto Plus 1 took place on Wednesday (13 May) and Saturday (16 May). Lotto Plus 1 results were not that great as seen in other lotteries, as no one won neither the jackpot nor the 2nd best prize across these draws. 38 players got the 3rd best prize, worth either R2,402.0 or R4,458.8.

Lotto Plus 2

The draws were presented on Wednesday and Saturday as well. Differently from the counterpart Lotto Plus 2, Lotto Plus 1 results were impressive - on Wednesday’s draw, there was 1 player who got all 6 numbers correctly and managed to land the jackpot worth R19,424,193.3! Congratulations and best of luck to everyone playing next week.
Once again, we’re happy to see that lotteries in South Africa are still interesting to all of you - we’re looking forward to seeing you next week. All the best and stay safe!

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