South African lotteries: review 2020.04.13-19

Hello everyone!
Hope you had a great week and stay healthy. Since the situation is still pretty uncertain worldwide, it’s amazing that most lotteries don’t even require leaving your own home - remote gambling is possible. Therefore, we are continuing with our weekly updates - this time, let’s check the results in South Africa from 13 to 19 April.


There were two draws last week (Wednesday, 15 April and Saturday, 18 April). There were no jackpot wins, but 2 players received the 2nd best prize which was worth either R65,122.8 or R79,323.9 - congratulations! The chances to win any prizes in this lottery (i.e. at least R20) start at 1 in 72 - maybe it’s a good idea to try gambling?


Powerball went live twice last week: Tuesday (14 April) and Friday (17 April). Unfortunately, as usual there were no winners of the main jackpot (5 numbers plus POWERBALL) across both draws. However, 5 players got the 2nd best combination (5 numbers) on the draw on Friday. This prize was worth R248,345.5 each - congratulations!

Powerball Plus

Powerball Plus draws were live on Tuesday (14 April) and Friday (17 April) - similarly as the original Powerball. No one won the jackpot (5 numbers + POWERBALL) across both draws either. One may claim that the results for the 2nd best prize were slightly better distributed player-wise: each draw had a single winner of this prize, worth either R190,030.0 or R229,605.7. Also, the chance to win this type of prize was the same as in the original Powerball - 1 in 1,286,062.

Lotto Plus 1

Lotto Plus 1 was on air on Wednesday (15 April) and Saturday (18 April). Differently than last week, no one won the jackpot. However, we would like to congratulate 2 players (1 on Wednesday and 1 on Saturday) with getting the 2nd best prize - they landed R107,327.2 and R116,532.4!

Lotto Plus 2

Meanwhile, Lotto Plus 2 was live on the same days as Lotto Plus 1. The results of this game were not that good as the ones of Lotto Plus 1 - no one landed neither the jackpot nor the 2nd best prize. However, it is great to see the results for the 3rd best prize (5 correct numbers)! They were really fine, as there were 55 players who won either R3,693.4 or R4,014.6. Given the chance of landing these (1 in 75,402), we must say it was a fantastic achievement! Congratulations to everyone and best of luck in their future gamblings - the best is yet to come.

We would like to congratulate and celebrate with all of you once again. See you next week - now take care and have a great time.

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