South African lotteries: review 2020.03.23-29

Hi everyone!
We hope that you are doing well. During this uncertain period when more and more entertainment is moving remotely, it’s good to know that most lotteries can be played without even leaving your house. We will update the results weekly - this time, let’s check what was going on in South Africa from 23 March to 29 March.


There were two draws live (Wednesday, 25 March and Saturday, 28 March). Lotto results were great last week - there was 1 player who landed the jackpot worth R7,412,931.9. Also, we are happy to announce that 54 players (36 on Wednesday and 18 on Saturday) had 5 numbers correctly and won the 3rd best prize (either R5,172.1 or R8,401.5). Overall, the chances to win any prizes in this lottery (at least R20) start at 1 in 72 - why not try your luck next week?

South African lotto: review 2020.03.23-29 Powerball

Powerball results were announced twice last week: these took place on Tuesday (24 March) and Friday (27 March). Similarly as the week before, there were no winners of the main jackpot (5 numbers plus POWERBALL) across any of these draws. However, 2 players managed to get the 2nd best combination (5 numbers) on both Tuesday and Friday. The prize for this one was worth either R391,344.8 or R341,628.8 each.

Powerball Plus

Powerball Plus draws were set on the same days as Powerball last week: Tuesday (24 March) and Friday (27 March). There were also no winners of the jackpot (5 numbers + POWERBALL) across both draws. However, the Powerball Plus results for the 2nd best prize (5 correct numbers) were better: on Tuesday’s draw, 2 players won R88,106.8 each while on Friday each of 4 lucky players got R40,093.2. The probability to win these prizes was the same as in the original Powerball - 1 in 1,286,062.

Lotto Plus 1

Lotto Plus 1 was on air on Wednesday (25 March) and Saturday (28 March). Even though no one won the jackpot (i.e., scored 6 correct numbers), 3 players received the 2nd best prize (for 5 numbers + BONUS) last week. These ones were worth either R108,482.6 or R53,462.9.

Lotto Plus 2

Finally, Lotto Plus 2 was live on the same days as Lotto Plus 1. No one landed the jackpot (i.e. scored 6 correct numbers). There was 1 player who won the 2nd best prize (i.e., got 5 correct numbers + BONUS) and received R104,546.1 on Wednesday. Also, 55 players got the 3rd best prize (5 correct numbers) and thus won either R2,403.3 or R2,918.3.
Congrats once again and see you all next week! Take care and best of luck.

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