South African lotteries: review 2020.02.10-16

Hello everyone!
We hope you had a great week! Also, there were some exciting events in the lotteries across South Africa last week (10-16 February). Therefore, we will present the latest results and trends there.


There were two draws last week (Wednesday, 12 February and Saturday, 15 February). Apparently, no one won the jackpot (6 numbers) across any of these draws, but there were 2 players (1 on Wednesday and 1 on Saturday) who managed to win R80,000-95,000 and become the leaders of this week! The chance to win prizes from R20 started from 1 in 95 - best of luck for everyone playing and gambling next week.


The other lottery had draws on Tuesday (11 February) and Friday (14 February). During the draws last week, the prize pool had R33,504,393 in total. There were no winners of the main jackpot (5 numbers plus POWERBALL) across these draws, yet one player won the second best prize. The combination of 5 correct numbers was awarded with R382,127.7. The probability of getting this prize was 1 in 1,286,062.

Powerball Plus

As its counterpart Powerball, Powerball Plus draws were held on exactly the same days last week: Tuesday (11 February) and Friday (14 February). There were no winners of the similar jackpot (5 numbers + POWERBALL). However, more players got the combination of 5 numbers across both draws of Powerball Plus than in the original Powerball. 1 person got R157,153.1 during the draw on Tuesday and 2 players won R87,043.2 each 3 days later. The probability of these gains was exactly the same as in the previously discussed game - 1 in 1,286,062.

Lotto Plus 1

Lotto Plus 1 was live two times last week, namely Wednesday (12 February) and Saturday (15 February). No one managed to win the jackpot of 6 correct numbers, but there were 1 player who won the second best prize (R165,470.2 for 5 numbers plus BONUS) on Saturday. The chance for this event was 1 in 3393086.67.

Lotto Plus 2

Finally, Lotto Plus 2 was live on the same days as Lotto Plus 1 (i.e., Wednesday the 12th and Saturday the 15th). Many congratulations for the winner of the jackpot this week - this person played in the draw on Saturday and landed the prize of R5,208,576.3. The chance to get this one was 1 in 20,358,520 - given the odds, such a victory is really impressive

Congrats to the winners and participants once again. See you all next week!

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