Lotto PLUS 1 history

Lotto Plus is a supplementary game to the main game - Lotto. The launch of Lotto Plus 1 happened on November 26, 2003. It started with Lotto which is an online game that uses a digital screen to record selections and also to verify prize claims.

Lotto Plus 1 is similar to Lotto and it gives a player another chance to win a jackpot amount. A player has to play the Lotto game first, to play the Lotto Plus 1 lottery game. When a player buys a Lotto ticket, an extra amount of R2.50 per board has to be paid to enter the Lotto Plus 1 lottery game. The rise in the ticket amount has taken place for the first time in the last 16 years.

A Player has to choose six numbers from 52. Out of which 7 winning numbers are chosen which involves 6 main numbers and 1 bonus number. Lotto Plus 1 game is played twice a week - Wednesday and Saturday. The probability of winning a Lotto Plus 1 game is 1 in 20,358,520.

The Lotto Plus 1 game comes with better probabilities and better jackpot rewards. The new Lotto Plus was launched to create more and more millionaires. The Lotto Plus game has a smaller fund as compared to the game of Lotto. It still creates an extra 13,000 winners in every draw. Similar to the Lotto game, only 45% of the ticket sales go towards the prize funds.

The first record-breaking jackpot of the Lotto lottery game was divided between 6 fortunate players. There is a difference between Lotto Plus jackpot and the Lotto jackpot. If no one wins the Lotto Plus 1 jackpot then the winning price is split between the produced winners.

A whopping highest amount of R58 million was shared by 2 players on 21 November 2018, each player shared a prize-winning amount of R29 million. This had set a smashing record in the Lotto Plus 1 lottery game.

The prize amount of Lotto Plus 1 up to R2000 can be claimed at any authorized retail shop. If the prize amount is between R2000 to R50000 then it needs to be claimed at a post office accessible to the player. The prize money above R50000 has to be claimed at an ITHUBA regional office.

One good thing about the Lotto games is that every Rand spent on the National Lottery Games is donated towards the charitable causes fund and it benefits people all over the country.

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