Daily Lotto history

The Ithuba National Lottery launched a fantastic new South African Daily Lottery game - Daily Lotto. This game opened up a whole new opportunity for South African bettors to win the jackpot daily.

The first-ever Daily Lotto draw happened on 10th March 2019. This draw did not see any Match 5 winners, so a winning amount of R2,006 each was given to 57 players who succeeded in matching 4 numbers.

Daily Lotto is the only lottery game of South Africa that is played every day. The jackpot of every Daily Lotto lottery game is assuredly given away in each draw. Daily Lotto can be played online as well as in licensed stores. Every player has to pay a cost for the entries to this game, which is R3 per board.

The game involves picking five numbers from 1-36. The top reward prize for the Republic of South Africa Daily Lotto game is R100,000. The probability of winning the first jackpot prize is 1 in 376,992. Including the jackpot, this game gives you a chance to win four different prizes.

Not much time has passed since the Daily Lotto game has entered the gambling market. Yet, it has quickly gained extensive adoption. The Daily Lotto games give the player a great possibility to win a jackpot for each draw. The advantage of this game is that it takes place every day so the player does not have to wait long to know about the results and payments.

The Daily Lotto game consists of only 36 numbers. The players have to pick and pair 5 numbers to win the jackpot. Even if a player manages to match at least two numbers, they are eligible to get the payout amount.

Daily Lotto is considered to be unique as compared to the other Ithuba games. The game does not see a jackpot rollover. Every penny that has been put into the jackpot amount is won and when the game does not have any jackpot winner, the jackpot amount rolls down to the next prize division. This prize amount is shared with all the players who have matched 4 numbers.

The players have access to view the winning ticket numbers on all the social media platforms of the National Lottery Games. The game of Daily Lotto can be played at authorized retailers in South Africa. You can also play it online.

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