Daily lotto results 15 January 2021, draw 676

Check the Daily Lotto results for Friday, 15 January 2021. Find all information about tonight's draw: check the winning numbers to see if you won a jackpot or lower prizes. Prize breakdown information is available on our website after each draw takes place.

Daily lotto draw 676 winning numbers:

6 14 29 27 15

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Daily lotto draw 676 winners and prizes

Table below shows how many numbers you are required to match to win in a certain prize category and what are the odds to win in each division. (Updated: 2021-01-15 22:10:11)
Combination Prize Winners Odds
5 numbers R 139 738 3 1 in 376,992.00
4 numbers R 389 248 1 in 2,432.00
3 numbers R 22 8,779 1 in 81
2 numbers R 5 90,951 1 in 8.4

In the Daily lotto game #676 aired on 15 January 2021 all the winners shared a prize pool of R 1 172 772. The total number of winners was 99,981 who had the average win worth R 12. The main jackpot (which was R 139 738) was won after 0 rollovers. Tomorrow (Saturday, 16 January 2021) you will have another chance to win the Daily lotto.

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Daily lotto results 15 January 2021 information

You can play Daily Lotto every day. All you need to do is buy a ticket and choose five numbers from one to thirty-six or let the computer generate them for you. Ticket price is R3 and Daily lotto draw takes place every day at 9 PM. There are four prize divisions, to win in a highest one you must match all five numbers and to win in a lowest one you need two matches. If nobody guests five winning numbers, the jackpot prize rolls down to the lower category and so on, hence there is a guaranteed jackpot prize for every draw of Daily Lotto.

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The Daily lotto draw 676 time is on Friday, 15 January, 2021 at 9 PM.

The amount of this Daily lotto draw is R 1 172 772 and it was won by 3 lucky winners

Daily Lotto is the only lottery game of South Africa played every day. This is a unique game that gives its jackpot to players in every draw. If nobody wins in a highest category, this category's jackpots rolls down to other players and so on. So only for R3 you have a chance to win prizes worth hundreds to thousands of Rand in every game.