Powerball Plus

PowerBall Plus was introduced in the year 2015 on the 28th of November. It is a different and bigger version of the original PowerBall, a much-needed upgrade for the players as it gives them a second chance to win.

PowerBall Plus draws are done at 9 PM on Tuesdays and Fridays. In the game of Powerball plus, a player has to choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 1 powerball from 1 to 20. PowerBall and PowerBall Plus are two different games, even though the winning numbers are similar. The Powerball Plus can be played on the same board as the Powerball by simply paying an extra amount of R2.50. PowerBall Plus is not a super draw. Players get a chance to win it every week.

The National Lottery is run by ITHUBA holdings. A player must be at least 18 years of age to buy a lottery ticket, including the PowerBall Plus.

Powerball Plus results

Powerball Plus results and prize breakdowns are placed here after every draw. Lotto is held every Tuesday and Friday at 21pm local time alongside the main Powerball draw.

How to play

PowerBall has an optional add-on called PowerBall Plus, which can be played at a cheaper rate (almost half the price) as compared to the main PowerBall lottery. To play this, a player has to choose five distinct numbers from one to fifty and another ‘PowerBall’ number between one and twenty and see how many numbers get matched when the numbers of the draw are declared. There are nine prize divisions, the highest division being the jackpot, which is won by matching all six chosen numbers. Unlike PowerBall, players get a second chance to win prizes in the game of PowerBall Plus.

Price of entering a PowerBall Plus board is R7.50 (base PowerBall price of R5 + R2.50 for PowerBall Plus entry). The draw takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 PM.

Powerball Plus divisions

Powerball Plus divisions
Combination Winning Odds (1 in) Prize Pool percentage Payout percentage
Match 5 + Powerball 42,375,200 54.46% 26.14%
Match 5 2,230,274 4.00% 1.92%
Match 4 + Powerball 188,334 2.50% 1.20%
Match 4 9,912 4.24% 2.04%
Match 3 + Powerball 4,280 4.80% 2.30%
Match 3 225 4.00% 1.92%
Match 2 + Powerball 299 3.00% 1.44%
Match 1 + Powerball 57 10.99% 5.27%
Match Powerball 35 12.01% 5.77%
Overall winning odds is 1:18

Powerball Plus FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you to understand PowerBall Plus:
The draws are done at 9 PM every Tuesday and Friday.
The price per board for playing PowerBall Plus is R5 with an additional price of R2.50.
For winning in Division 1 (matching 5 main numbers along with the PowerBall number), the odds to win are 1 in 42,375,200. The odds to win in the next best divisions are 1 in 2,230,274 for Division 2 (matching only 5 main numbers), 1 in 188,334 for Division 3 (matching 4 main numbers along with the PowerBall number), 1 in 9,912 for Division 4 (matching only 4 main numbers), 1 in 4,280 for Division 5 (matching 3 main numbers along with the PowerBall number), 1 in 225 for Division 6 (matching only 3 main numbers), 1 in 299 for Division 7 (matching 2 main numbers along with the PowerBall number) and 1 in 57 for Division 8 (matching 1 main number along with the PowerBall number).
PowerBall Plus began on 1st December 2015 as an initiative to create higher chances to win. On June 2018, 20 more numbers were added to the existing pool of 45 main numbers which led to a higher number of rollovers further leading to higher jackpots.
The biggest jackpot amount has been R83.8 million, won by a player on 23rd April 2019.

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