Lotto Plus 2

Lotto Plus 2 is an extension of the Lotto game. It gives the player a third possibility to win a game. If a player wants to enter a Lotto Plus 2 game, then an extra amount of R2.50 per board has to be paid.

A player can only play Lotto Plus 2 if they have played the game of Lotto and Lotto Plus 1. The board entered for the Lotto Plus 2 is similar to the board for Lotto.

The numbers that a player has drawn for the Lotto game are carried forward to the Lotto Plus 2 game. A player doesn't get the opportunity to pick up new numbers for the Lotto Plus 2 game. They have to use the same numbers as chosen in the Lotto game. This gives the player three different opportunities to win a prize. The Lotto Plus 2 game was started in August 2017. The game was then changed to 6/52 from 6/49. The highest jackpot ever won was worth R35 million. This was won by one lucky Lotto Plus 2 winner on 14 July 2018. The award money was rolling over for four months.

Lotto Plus 2 results

Lotto Plus 2 results are available here straight after each draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday alongside the main Lotto draw. Click here for recent results and prize breakdowns.

How to play

To gain an entry into the draw for Lotto Plus 2, a player must enter that of Lotto Plus 1 (and, consequentially, enter the main draw for Lotto). The same set of five selected numbers (from one to fifty-two) are to be used in all three entries. Five number balls are drawn sequentially without replacement and the player needs to check whether any of the selected numbers match that of the drawn ball. To win a prize, at least three matches are required, and by matching the bonus ball after five matches, the jackpot prize can be won.

Price of a Lotto Plus 2 ticket is R10.00 (base Lotto price of R5 + R2.50 for Lotto Plus 1 entry + R2.50 for Lotto Plus 2 entry). The draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:56 PM.

Lotto Plus 2 divisions

Lotto Plus 2 winning divisions
Winning division Match combination Odds Prize Pool (%)
First 6 numbers 1:20,358,520 53%
Second 5 numbers + Supplementary 1:3,393,087 8.1%
Third 5 numbers 1:75,402 5.4%
Fourth 4 numbers + Supplementary 1:30,161 6.7%
Fifth 4 numbers 1:1,371 13.4%
Sixth 3 numbers + Supplementary 1:1,028 13.4%
Seventh 3 numbers 1:72 R25 prize
Eighth 2 numbers + Supplementary 1:96 R15 - Fixed

Lotto Plus 2 FAQ

Some of the frequently asked questions to know about Lotto Plus 1 are provided below:
The draws take place every Wednesday & Saturday at 8:56 PM after the winning numbers for Lotto have been drawn and declared.
No. An entry for the main draw for Lotto has to be purchased to be able to play Lotto Plus 2.
It is the same as that of Lotto and Lotto Plus 1. You have one chance in 20,358,520 possibilities.
No. The same set of numbers that are used for Lotto are used for Lotto Plus 2 as well.
An additional amount of R2.50 needs to be paid to play Lotto Plus 2 apart from the R5 paid for Lotto. Hence, the net price for playing Lotto Plus 2 is R7.50 to enter both draws, i.e. Lotto and Lotto Plus 2.
Lotto Plus 2 began in 2017 as an initiative taken by ITHUBA to create more chances of winning prizes for the players. On 1st August 2017, the first draw of Lotto Plus 2 took place. The initial jackpot prize for the first draw was R1 million. There were seven rollovers for the jackpot, after which on 26th August the jackpot was won.
The biggest jackpot amount has been R35 million, won by a lucky individual on 14th July 2018. It had been four months for which the prize money was rolling over and on this lucky day, the jackpot was won by the single winner.

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