Lotto Plus 1

Lotto Plus 1 was first launched on November 26, 2003, like a 6/49 game. It is an expansion of the Lotto game. Lotto Plus 1 gives you an additional chance to win at the game at an added cost. A player can only play Lotto Plus 1 after playing the Lotto. The game boards listed for Lotto Plus 1 are the same as the board listed for Lotto.

Player has to choose six numbers from 1 to 52. Out of which 7 winning numbers are chosen which include 6 main numbers and a bonus number. Lotto Plus 1 draw takes place twice a week - Wednesday and Saturday. The probability of winning a Lotto Plus 1 game is one in 20,358,520.

Lotto Plus jackpot is not alike the Lotto jackpot. If no one wins the jackpot then the winning amount is split between the produced Lotto Plus 1 winners. The highest amount of R58 million was shared by 2 players on 21 November 2018, each player took home R29 million. This had set a record in the Lotto Plus 1 game.

Lotto Plus 1 results

Find the latest Lotto Plus 1 winning numbers, winners and prize breakdowns here after each draw. Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday alongside the main Lotto draw.

How to play

An entry for Lotto Plus 1 can be obtained by playing the main Lotto draw of the day. By purchasing an entry for Lotto Plus 1, the player gets a second chance to win a reward if he/she does not win any prize in the first draw. The player needs to select any five different numbers from one to fifty-two and check how many of those numbers get matched in the draw of numbered balls without replacement. While a minimum of three matches assures prize money, on getting five matches a bonus ball is drawn, matching which the player secures the jackpot.

Price of a Lotto Plus 1 ticket is R7.50 (base Lotto price of R5 + R2.50 for Lotto Plus 1 entry). The draw takes place at 8:56 PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Lotto Plus 1 divisions

Lotto Plus 1 winning divisions
Division Combination Division Odds Prize Pool %
1 Match 6 mains 1:20,358,520 53%
2 Match 5 mains + Supp 1:3,393,087 8.1%
3 Match 5 mains 1:75,402 5.4%
4 Match 4 mains + Supp 1:30,161 6.7%
5 Match 4 mains 1:1,371 13.4%
6 Match 3 mains + Supp 1:1,028 13.4%
7 Match 3 mains 1:72 R25 prize
8 Match 2 mains + Supp 1:96 R15 - Fixed

Lotto Plus 1 FAQ

Some of the frequently asked questions to know about Lotto Plus 1 are given below:
The draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:56 PM after the winning numbers for Lotto have been drawn and declared.
No. An entry for the main draw for Lotto has to be purchased to be able to play Lotto Plus 1.
It is the same as that of Lotto. You have one chance in 20,358,520 possibilities.
No. The same set of numbers that are used for Lotto are used for Lotto Plus 1 as well.
An additional amount of R2.50 needs to be paid to play Lotto Plus 1 apart from the R5 paid for Lotto. Hence, the net price for playing Lotto Plus 1 is R7.50 to enter both draws, i.e. Lotto and Lotto Plus 1.
Lotto Plus 1 was started by Uthingo in November 2003, the first-ever provider of the National Lottery. It was introduced as an affordable option to increase the chances of winning prizes.
The biggest jackpot amount has been R58 million, shared equally amongst two players on 21st November 2018. Each one of them took home astounding prize money of R29 million.

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